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Kobe Eye Center

The Kobe Eye Center is a revolutionary facility that brings together a research center for regenerative medicine, a top-of-the-line ophthalmic clinic, and an information hub for social innovation. We are the first of our kind in the world to offer these three services under one roof.
Our center is dedicated to providing the best care for our patients, no matter their eye condition. We offer a wide range of eye care services, including support for those with vision impairments or other difficulties.
In addition to traditional treatment, we also offer a wealth of information and resources to help our patients have fun and achieve their dreams. We believe in creating a bright future for all, where everyone can connect with each other and the world around them.
Let's work together to build a future full of hope and joy, where we can all smile and thrive. The Kobe Eye Center is committed to making this vision a reality.

Picture book author Yoshitake Shinsuke
“Moshikuwa officer" at Kobe Eye Center!

Self-portrait illustration and comments by Shinsuke Yoshitake Picture book author Yoshitake Shinsuke “Moshikuwa officer“ at Kobe Eye Center! I, Yoshitake Shinsuke, have been appointed as the “Moshikuwa Officer“ of Kobe Eye Center. The “Moshikuwa Officer“ is a new position at Kobe Eye Center that occasionally makes proposals such as “perhaps there is a way to say or convey this“ and draws illustrations in relation to the activities of Kobe Eye Center. I hope to help in some small way with the new opportunities created by Kobe Eye Center. Thank you in advance. Yoshitake Shinsuke

Yoshitake Shinsuke Biography

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1973. Graduated from the Graduate School of Arts and Design, University of Tsukuba with a degree in Comprehensive Sculpture. He has published a wide range of works including sketch collections that capture everyday moments from unique angles, illustrations for children's books, covers, and illustrated essays. "It might be an Apple" (Bronze Shin-sha) won first place in the 6th MOE Picture Book Store Award and the 61st Sankei Children's Book Culture Award for Art.
Published works include “Why do I feel like this?” , “Can I build another me?" , “I can be anything" , “There must be more than that!“ , “Still stuck“ etc.
Father of two children. Currently touring the country with the "Maybe It's a Yoshitake Shinsuke Exhibition".

Kobe Eye Center 5th Anniversary Video

Kobe Eye Center 5th Anniversary Magazine (PDF file)

Kobe Eye Center 5th Anniversary Magazine


The Kobe Eye Center is located on Port Island, Kobe.
location:2-1-8 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe

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For visitors coming by car

From every direction, it takes about 15 minutes after crossing Kobe’s Ohashi bridge,
You can also drive through the Sannomiya East Minatojima tunnel to the Port Island.

For those using the Hanshin Expressway

  • For those using Route 3 Kobe line

    Please exit at the Ikutagawa IC or the Kyobashi IC and follow signs to Port Island.

  • For those using the Route 5 Bayshore Line

    Exit at Sumiyoshihama IC, follow the signs to Port Island via the Harbor Highway.


Parking is available for 24/7

Fees: 160 yen per hour (up to maximum of 1,500 yen per day)

Depending on the reason for use, 1-3 hours of free parking may be available. 1,000 yen /day is the maximum parking fee.

For visitors coming by Port Liner

2 minute walk from the Iryo Center station

  • From all public means of transportation, change at the Sannomiya Station to the Port Liner and get off at the Iryo Center station.
  • Get on the train bound for the Kobe Airport or for K Computer Mae. Please note that the trains bound for Kita Futo or for Naka Futo do not stop at the Iryo Center station.

For visitors coming by bus

Shinki buses run from Sannomiya Station and Kobe Station.

Transportation fee: 250 yen

For visitors coming from Kobe Airport

2 minute walk from the Port Liner Iryo Center station

  • Please go through the passageway on the 2nd floor of the Kobe Airport terminal and get on the Port Liner
  • All trains stop at Iryo Center station.